Weddings - The Narration



Meet + Ask

Face to face, on the phone, or on Skype.  Whatever works best.  We will meet to discuss your wedding day and what I offer.  I ask the right questions.  When, where, how many? Do you want a first look?  What photos are of particular importance to you?  All of the answers help guide the photos taken and a timeline later.

Engage + Shoot

Most weddings I shoot are successful because I work with a couple before the big day. Engagement shoots are hugely helpful.  Working together once makes us comfortable working again.

I pride myself on making a shoot comfortable even when my camera is pointing or just disappearing and letting a couple enjoy some special moments together as I shoot from a distance.  I will let you do your thing and document the real moments, but if you need help I'll step in. 

Timeline + Other Pros

I will work with you and your event planner (if applicable) on the timeline.  With all the questions and answers in the Meet + Ask phase, we can come up with a detailed schedule. This schedule will make you feel more at ease once it's all set up.

I'm happy to work with other pros involved.  We're all part of the team that makes your day run well.

Before a wedding, I will always scout the venue.  Looking at examples of prior photography there always helps, but a visit is imperative for creating a plan for where we will shoot on your wedding day.  This scouting ensures your story will be told in the most stunning settings around your venue.

Scout + Plan

Let's Do This!