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Your wedding photos should tell your story.  The plot and love you have for each other, the supporting characters, the details, the conclusion, and the epilogue are all a part of one of your biggest days as a couple.  You be you, and I will capture everything important for your wedding day story.

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Your moments will be captured beautifully; your guests smiling, crying, partying, laughing.  I've been there and I know you want it to be great and not have to worry about your photographer among the many other details. 

My style for weddings is photo journalistic.  I will capture the moments as they happen. I am not a shy person so mingling briefly with guests before getting the right angle and shot isn't a problem. 

For portraits, I will help you look your best.  I make sure to capture you as a couple.  I will let you do your thing and document the real moments, but if you need help I'll step in. 

Why Choose US?

  1. Professional experience - I have a business and IT background, and through that I've acquired high levels of organization, solid communication, customer service, and time efficiency
  2. I'm outgoing, assume a leadership role during a wedding, and have a personality that will get the most out of your guests.  I'll also fit into the group to make guests feel at ease during all the different photo opportunities
  3. Top notch editing - I have a background in graphic arts and illustration that makes for extremely high-end editing.  I stick with a timeless yet up to date style.
  4. Happy to work with other creative folks involved in your wedding to capture the details that make a difference in the end product
  5. I stay on top of recent trends and new shooting techniques. From off camera flash, to the Brenzier technique, lens chimping, using prisms, and in camera techniques you won't see me just stick with the same old shots.
  6. Passion for photography.  Images drive me.  This isn't just my job, it's important to me and staying on top of my game is fun and fulfilling
  7. Published. I've been recognized in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine