1. Digital Downloads and Hidden Fees.

Some photographers we will not allow you to download all of your photos and in essence be in control of all of them. A lot of photography packages will not include prints, and you will be forced into paying more money to get them. Another common tactic is to force you to purchase a certain amount of prints to then get the digital files. Albums are also a common add-on that will be marked up a lot. Make sure that what you are signing in the contract is what you want. Packages tend to be the best deals, but again, make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

2. Do you get the sense they truly care?

The best photos come from photographers that truly care about their clients and take the time to get to know them. When you're comfortable with your photographer, you're more likely to show your love for your significant other and those moments make for real moments and awesome photos. Take the time to go out to grab coffee or a drink with a potential photographer. Ensure your personalities match up and you're comfortable. Make sure that your photographer isn't considering you as just income.

3. Second Photographer?

If a second photographer is important to you, ask that the second photographer has worked with your lead photographer and they have a similar or complementary style. Working with a second for the first time can come with it's own set of issues and you don't want that happening on your day.


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