Kelley and Garett's Breckenridge Wedding

I was contacted by Kelley to shoot her wedding about a month and a half ago.  She mentioned she and her fiance, Garett, would be coming from Texas and they'd be getting married at their rental cabin in Breck.  I immediately liked the sound of the idea... a small wedding in a beautiful location, and it ended up being just that.  They had the ceremony early in the morning which added to the beauty of the area. 

The sun was hitting the slopes and mountains as Kelley came down the stairway with her dad and down the aisle.  It always seems to get to me when the groom cries, and this was no exception.  Garett teared up in touching fashion when he saw her.  The ceremony was short and sweet, and we were able to get some shots inside and out.  We went down to town, to a few bridges, a historical train, and in the woods around the cabin.  It was nice to be able to get a solid hour with the bride and groom to get some awesome shots.  It was beautiful day for them, and I was honored to be a part of it.