Maggie and Matt Engagement Shoots

I connected to Maggie via thumbtack and saw her request for quotes come through asking for engagement photos that included rappelling shots.  I thought to myself, if I don't get this gig, I'm done with thumbtack due to fitting the bill perfectly between climbing and photography with this request. 

Thankfully, Maggie went for my quote and we set out to do our first round of shots at Wash Park in Denver.  Maggie and Matt were great to work with not only because they had some solid ideas for the shoot, but also because they weren't awkward with a camera in their face for an hour and a half.  Much of the time they were interacting together which helped the shots stay fresh and natural.

For the second shoot including the rappelling, we set out to a nice spot in the flatirons near NCAR called Der Zerkle.   The hike in was a bit longer than planned due to snow and mud and setting up the rappel was more difficult than I imagined due to snow and ice on the route.  Normally, I could walk to the top and drop a rope, but with tons of snow and ice walking up I couldn't set it up safely.  Instead, I had to do a quick lead belay tutorial so they could belay me while I lead up the route to attach the rope at the top.  About half way up, my hands were frozen and I had to let them thaw out a bit.  After taking a few looks down to see how their belaying was going, I flew up the harder section of the route only to find the holds at the top filled with snow.  For a few moments, I let my mind wander to my lackluster belay teaching skills and the fact that I wasn't confident in them catching me if I fell.   After a few tenuous moves attempting to get to the chains, I was able to finish the climb, and setup the rope safely.  We were able to get Matt and Maggie up a ramp to the left of the climb so they could swing out and hang/rappel while I took some shots.  Overall, two great shoots and definitely a lot of fun with a great looking couple!