Hummingbirds... A Story of Addiction

I've been obsessed with photographing hummingbirds for some time now.  My fiance and her parents have witnessed this first hand as every time we've been out to their cabin in South Park, I've tried to shoot the birds for at least an hour a day. 

These little buggers are teases.  I'm convinced they love tormenting me by going to the other side of the feeders or disappearing for hours on end only to reappear when I've put the camera away.  Last year, I setup two off camera flashes only to have them disappear for the morning.  The shots of the hummingbird feeder illuminated in perfect lighting were amazing let me tell you.  

My favorite hummingbird so far has been the Rufous. The description of this species of hummingbird usually goes something like this: feisty, powerful, extremely maneuverable, and fast defenders of a food source.  In my few hours of observing them I'd agree with all of that.  The single fella below with the orange throat was the only one safely and calmly drinking away at the two feeders I was sitting near.  All intruders were not welcome and treated in kind. 

Recently, I've been jealous of hummingbird shots that don't have a feeder and the shooter has seemingly captured the birds in a natural habitat with a flower instead.  Before the spring next year, I will have researched the perfect flower to do this and have a feeder on the back deck to attract them to our area.  For now though, I have to wait until they come back from their migration south.  It's too cold and they've all left meaning I will have to feed my addiction for shooting them next year.  Until then, it's back to the snow and shooting backcountry skiing...