Trail Running in Boulder, CO

As winter sets in and skiing begins, I would be remiss not to post this.  I went out with a friend, Evan Kimber, earlier in the year and saved some of the best shots for editing later.  Evan is a badass ultra runner who made shooting this spot easy.

We went to one of my favorite spots to run in the early morning.  Not only is this an awesome trail, but I also proposed to my wife here.  It's stunning and it's difficult to put into words how awesome this trail truly is.

The trail has it all- awesome views, fun downhills, tough uphills, and some nice rolling flats.  All that in less than 10 miles right up against the flatirons.  One of the best loops you can do here encompasses the Flatirons Vista South Trail to Doudy Draw to the Spring Brook Loop and back again.  Here is the map for those who are interested -

We've traveled around quite a bit the last two months and heard, "Oh, the Boulder area is nice, but we've got better trail running here," quite a lot lately.  I find that hard to believe primarily because of the quality and quantity of trails in and around Boulder.

Anyway, the shots from our early morning jaunt are below- thanks again Evan... I still owe ya!

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