Janet's Hut Trip

If you are reading this, you enjoy skiing/boarding, and you haven't been on a hut trip yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for one now.  Unless you are a guide, you will rarely be so far in the backcountry with so much snow, good friends, and good food in your life.  These trips are so much fun and we need times like this to properly disconnect.

Janet's was no exception.  Located an easy 4 mile skin from Copper Mountain, Janet's is placed every so delicately at 11600 feet.  It sits near the top of a drainage right below treeline.  In terms of skiing, there is a lot to be had, but unfortunately the lack of visibility limited our skiing to the trees nearby.  No big mountain excursions up the pass, but the short tours we did near the house and up to a big hill nearby resulted in some pretty epic runs.   Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip-

... and some mediocre screencaps.