The Cutest Puppy of All Time

I challenge you to a duel.  A puppy duel.  I dare you to find a photo of a puppy on the interwebs that is legitimately cuter than this puppy.  Good luck.  Let me just save you some time and tell you that you will lose. This puppy is the cutest puppy in all the lands.

We took care of this puppy about a month and a half ago.  Athena is a coworker friend's mini Australian Shepherd.  I am partial I admit to Aussies as I grew up with one.

We experienced how adorable she was while walking around Boulder.  We attempted to do a few wedding planning errands and it was nearly impossible. Every five feet someone would stop us to pet Athena and ask about her. It was funny at first, but we grew slightly annoyed at how the cuteness was making us late.  We resorted to picking her up and yet half of the people we passed still stopped us.  This was as I said the cutest puppy in all the lands. After an hour of walking around, we agreed that if you didn't notice how cute Athena was you had no soul.

Athena was the easiest puppy to take care of as well.  Sure, she's a crazy puppy at times, but once she's in a chill mood her past life Basset Hound comes out.  It was difficult giving her back.  We thought about stealing her; her nose making marks on my car window as she sniffed foreign smells racing west. Alas, we didn't.  The cutest puppy in all the lands went back home to her owner and we reluctantly went back to puppy-less life.  Someday, we will take care of her again and someday we will get a puppy.

Jeff ChrislerComment