Kelcie and Dalton Sealing Ceremony - LDS Temple of Denver

A sealing ceremony is meant to seal family relationships throughout eternity not just through this lifetime.  Kelcie contacted me to setup outside the temple awaiting the family and ready to shoot.  The day couldn't have been any nicer with temps in the 60s with a bright sun.  I was worried about the sheer amount of people outside due to two other ceremonies finishing up. We were lucky in that Kelcie and Dalton's was the last of the day and once the group shots were finished, we had the entire grounds to ourselves.

Kelcie, Dalton, and their families were awesome.  The sheer kindness of the family was felt even in the short time I spent with them.  You can tell these two love each other and they had no qualms showing it to a complete stranger with a camera.  It was great to hang out for over an hour just the two of them.  I wish them both luck, and hope to see them in Greeley!