Interested in a new camera?

If you're interested in a new camera, I'd highly suggest checking out the Sony RX100.  This camera is awesome and continues to be the leader of the pack of a great point and shoot cam with a great lens and high megapixel count.  It's also tough- I usually carry it skiing without a case and I've certainly taken some spills with it in my front jacket pocket.

A buddy recently reminded me of how great this camera is when he asked me to compare this camera to the most recent version of it the RX100 iii.  Even though the third version is better, the first is so solid it's hard to imagine spending more on a camera to only get a few extra features.  Below are a few examples of some shots from this camera - you'll notice I primarily use it in the backcountry or on backpacking trips :)

An extensive review of the RX100 -

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