Priyanka and Aniket's Maroon Bells Engagement

As I drove through the Roaring Fork Valley I hoped the weather would turn. At the time, it was snowing two thousand feet above me and raining on my car. When I turned south onto Maroon Creek road the sun peaked behind me and illuminated some of the aspen trees in front of me. The rain ceased as I pulled into the parking lot with hundreds of others looking to get some shots of the area.

Priyanka and Aniket patiently awaited my side trip to get a few shots in the lineup of photographers from Maroon Lake. We enjoyed sneaking through the masses in hopes of frames without a soul in the background. Moving on to the aspens and the East Portal provided some quiet moments for these two. I will always appreciate this area, and I am happy to have enjoyed the area during the height of fall color with these two. All the best to you both during your wedding week in Mumbai!