Kristen and Patrick's Colorado National Monument Anniversary Session

Looking at these two, it's hard to believe they've been married for 10 years, but they have. It seems easy for them as they were always laughing, joking around, and holding each other. Being married for two years myself, this is pretty cool to see in a young couple. They were neighborhood friends growing up and started a relationship when they were older.  

Kristen and Patrick live in Florida, but Kristen's sister, Erica, recently moved to Palisade so they were out visiting. There was a brief sesh with Erica and she provided a lot of humorous moments, got them laughing, and played creeper/photo bomber in one of the last photos.  I'll let you spot her. 

Even though they're from Florida, they were up for anything including braving the snow in the shade.  The sun felt nice this day, but wow it got chilly when venturing into the shade.  Thanks for standing on cliffs too guys - and for letting me almost fall into a hidden snow crevice! They were super fun and I wish them many more happy married years!