Bri and Levi's Mayflower Gulch Engagement Session

When I first talked with Bri and Levi on the phone about their wedding, I liked their adventurous spirit. They mentioned where they were getting married in Rocky Mountain National Park and how it was rain, snow, slush, or shine. 

As if in preparation for their wedding, they invited me to join them on a hike up Mayflower Gulch just south of Copper Mountain for their engagement session. They brought their snowshoes, and I wore my backcountry ski setup and brought my dog along as an assistant. 

I had never been to Mayflower before, and it's incredible. I could see why this was one of their favorite spots to take out of town guests. The views are great right out of the parking lot and they just keep getting better as one ascends. 

It was a beautiful day to get to know a bit about them and I look forward to their wedding this weekend!