Annie and Paul's Allie's Cabin Wedding in Beaver Creek Colorado

Hearing about how Annie and Paul first met and their first ski adventure sounded much like the randomness of my own initial meet up with my eventual wife and subsequent first ski trip together. Annie met Paul when she answered his Craiglist ad for a roommate. Reluctant at first about having a male roommate, she was pleasantly surprised at how clean Paul kept his place and decided to rent the room. After some time they decided to date, and one of the first adventures they had was backcountry skiing Loveland Pass. Annie was a bit nervous skiing with Paul because he seemed like a true expert, but she was excited for the adventure nonetheless. Paul started off down the mountain took one turn, and smashed his face on a tree breaking his goggles and cutting up his nose. Whoa, that might have eased Annie’s nervousness a bit, and thankfully Paul was ok to continue skiing.

Their wedding seemed to fit their outdoor spirits. Allie’s cabin is perched halfway up the front-side of Beaver Creek and is surrounded by a ton of aspen trees. The place is cozy, albeit large, and it provided a wonderful spot on a drizzly day for their wedding. Thankfully, the rain held up a times including their ceremony on the deck.

Congratulations Annie and Paul! Thank you for including me on your day, and I hope to see you out adventuring someday!