Lauren and Chase's Colorado national monument and TWO RIVERS CONVENTION CENTER WEDDING IN Grand Junction, CO

Doing a first look is one of my favorite things as a photographer. For Lauren and Chase, I scoped out a few spots in the Colorado National Monument for our shots together including the first look. Chase was super nervous on our drive in to set him up in place where he’d wait for Lauren. After seeing each other, they relaxed and they surprised me and decided to do their vows there privately. I gave them space and captured those special moments. I’ve said it here on my blog before, but I’ll say it again - when the groom starts crying, I tend to do the same. Although Chase won’t admit it, he had a few tears and I did as well. Amazingly touching. These things - relaxing and some quiet moments before the wedding are possible with a first look, and are why I always suggest them. Plus, who doesn’t like spending more time with your guests!

Congratulations Lauren and Chase! All the best in Texas!

Thanks to the hospitality and kindness from Two Rivers Convention Center !