Natascha and Ilya's Intimate Keystone, Colorado Wedding

If I had to get married again to my wife, I’d do it exactly like Natascha and Ilya. They chose 40 of their closest friends and family to join them in a massive cabin in Keystone. The cabin/lodge/mansion was their place to stay for several days before and after the wedding, and as their ceremony and reception site. With such an intimate wedding, timing is more relaxed, people are able to enjoy themselves more, and the party is only more hoppin.

Not only did they have a wonderful plan, but they managed to pull together great looking flowers, table settings, and get a great caterer involved with the help of their friends and family - all from Boston. Nuts, but they did it. It was such a blast.

Natascha being a model didn’t hurt either. Every photo of her is amazing, and she helped Ilya a bit, so my job was easy. We also toughed it out in some crazy cold weather and snow. We couldn’t have gotten so many amazing shots without their toughness in the cold.

All the best to you both, and I hope to see you two in the mountains again soon!