Bree and Aaron's Black Canyon Anglers Wedding in Austin, Colorado

Bree and Aaron’s wedding at Black Canyon Anglers was a special day. The fly-fishing base-camp provided such an amazing backdrop for everyone. All of the bridal party and much of their family stayed on the property the days leading up to the wedding which always makes for a more relaxed day.

I shot Bree and Aaron’s engagement photos in Cedaredge on a cold, spring day which even provided some surprise snow showers. They were gracious enough to allow me to bring my little girl, Amelia, along for the shoot and she hitched a ride on my chest making it easy to get them to laugh and smile.

I didn’t have Amelia along on their wedding day, but getting these two to show their love was so effortless. Their caring, kind nature toward each other is so apparent. Laughter is a strong base for a marriage and Aaron and Bree have that base for sure.

Two of my favorite moments were their unseen first look and our walk in a field facing Mount Lamborn in the West Elks. Bree surprised me as soon as I arrived by telling me that Aaron had decided against doing a first look. Building our timeline together this was a shocker, but I quickly though of an alternative where they could read their private vows back to back without seeing each other. It went so well and it was a super special moment in the venue’s peach orchard. The second part that will stand out was when we went for a short drive to get to views of Mount Lamborn. The field we chose off the road was still bright green from all the rain we’ve had this spring, and the mountains were recently blanketed again in snow. This stark contrast was evident at sunset. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes didn’t get the memo. They were ravenous and swarmed us. Thankfully we were able to get a bunch of amazing shots quickly then send Bree and Aaron running back for the car. I on hte other hand had to wait for my darn drone to get back. Miserable!

Despite the bug bites, the rest of the night was a rip-roaring celebration. Thanks for the amazing day, congratulations!