Michelle and Evan’s Top of the Pines wedding in Ridgway, CO

Michelle and Evan met at CSU while both going to school there. They joined an outdoor club which many of its members attended the wedding.

They may very well be the most experienced backcountry skiers and general badasses I’ve ever met. Of course, their modesty proceeds them. Their thirst for adventure is clear, and it’s attracted many great friends with similar interests. Their adventure van that they live out of is the perfect base camp for them as they travel the west with a home base around Estes Park.

I was nervous when I arrived for their wedding at Top of the Pines. The weather looked quite threatening and it began to rain when they arrived. With only a tent in the middle of the meadow, we went out for shots amidst the sprinkles. Most brides would care about rain and mud, not Michelle. We tramped through the damp meadows to get some amazing shots of them in the lupine flowers and the glorious San Juans in the backdrop.

With a build your own Moscow Mule bar adorned with Michelle’s grandmother’s lace from her wedding dress, how could the party be any better? Oh, beer buckets along the ceremony aisle for guests to grab a brew before being seated, that’s how.

Their wedding was as exactly how I’d suggest anyone do it- uniquely theirs. Congratulations Michelle and Evan! I hope to ride or ski with you someday soon!