You Should Rent Your Wedding Dress and Buy His Suit

Bride and groom walking holding hands walking in a field away from the camera

Gasp! What?

Why has it become a tradition to spend thousands of dollars on a white dress you’ll wear once and put in a closet? At best, your future daughter will wear parts of it and at worst it will accumulate dust. My wife’s has just sat in a closet taking up space.

Websites like, and are great because they have premier designers and you can do fittings at home. Plus, you could even add a nice dress for the rehearsal dinner for a fraction of the cost of a wedding dress. Check them out, save a ton, and look great doing it.

By the same token, renting a suit doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Most men will wear a suit several if not more times a year therefore buying a nice suit you’ll wear again makes perfect sense. Website and stores like,, and have very high quality and compete with a traditional Men’s Wearehouse. 

Buy the suit, rent the dress. Save money.

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