Ways Ensure Your Wedding is Drama Free

Drama creates stress and that’s the last thing you need on your wedding day. Follow these tips to help you be present and stress-free on your big day.

During the week leading up to your wedding ensure you’re in a calm place.

Get as much sleep as you can. Go to your happy places- run, bike, walk, read, meditate whatever you’re into do it. Let you boss know you might be a bit checked out the week prior to your wedding (if they’re cool like that) or take off some extra days prior to your wedding. All this will put you in a place to fully enjoy and be drama free yourself on your day.

Go fully unplugged!

Present people make more happy people. Have a room designated to drop off phones at least for a good portion of the wedding. You have a photographer for a reason. Allow phones back into the picture during the reception/dancing.

Hire the right people.

Experienced professionals make for calm people because it’s likely they have experienced many stressful and/or unexpected moments and know how to handle them. 

Plan your seating chart well

Make sure your seating chart doesn’t make issues by separating those who could clash and could cause drama. 

If you see a friend or family member being a problem, don’t invite them to your wedding.

Instead, you could invite them to a shower or engagement party. 

Communicate what you want, not what others want for you.

This is so important. Although parents or family may be at least helping out with paying for your wedding, don’t let them dictate what will happen on your wedding day. Ensure the financials come with no strings attached and don’t accept help from people who don’t have your best wedding interests in mind. Communicate your wishes clearly to your friends, family, and the professionals you hire early on in the planning process. If you do this, the magic will happen and you’ll see your day is what you and your partner wanted!


Even if you’ve decided to do some things yourself, don’t feel the need to do everything. Those hired pros want to work for you and your friends will want to help. Those friends you’ve chosen in your bridal party also should be ready and willing to assist with anything. Hiring a day-of planner is a great way to reduce stress on the big day because they filter most if not all of the issues before you even hear about them.

Plan a spot where you can discreetly escape with your partner to get a few moments alone.

Your day will fly by. Spend 10 minutes with your partner alone to enjoy your day quietly together. After all, this is about you two. Bonus points if your photographer helps with this and transitions you into some brief and intimate photos before heading back to your party!

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