Why You Should have Your Wedding Album made by your Photographer

Let me tell you a little story.

Good friends of mine, Greg and Courtney, were married in the Caribbean on St John in 2012. It was a beautiful day on Trunk Bay for their intimate wedding day and they had great photographers. As a groomsman for Greg, I loved their wedding and enjoyed seeing some of the photos afterward, but they chose not to get a wedding album. It’s been 7 years and what do they have to show for their expensive wedding photos? Hundreds of great photos on a hard drive, and two small photos in frames in their house. No album! This is just wrong.

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t just get digital files! Take advantage of the skill your wedding photographer has in both capturing the day and creating and curating an album for you.

You’ll be surprised how busy you get and how time flies after your wedding just like it did for Greg and Courtney. There are tons of married couples who get digital files as their main finished product and say to themselves, “No problem, we’ll put together an album ourselves!” They go on the honeymoon and they’re back to work catching up when they get their retouched wedding photos. They download them, but that’s as far as they get. Or even worse, they get an offer from Uncle Bob or their parents to put together an album! Great, they think until they get the album from Shutterfly or Vistaprint. The quality is horrible, the arrangement of the photos is strange, and they’re exasperated because they know they have to keep it. A few years down the line, the colors fade and the album starts to fall apart too.

Don’t let this be you! I put together wedding albums for the majority of my wedding couples which means I have had a ton of practice curating them and making the layouts look gorgeous. Plus, the quality is super high: archive level paper, thick pages, and linen or leather covers. Nothing from consumer level album makers come close. Best of all- I do it for you within four weeks of your wedding and once it’s approved, I ship it straight to you. You get to enjoy it especially every anniversary, and when and if you have kids, they’re in awe of how cool you looked and eventually make fun of you when they’re teens looking at it! Albums are a curated family heirloom that will bring tears and smiles to your eyes for years. Let me make it for you.

To round out this story, I’ve recently been suggesting to Greg and Courtney that I help them put together their album. They seem interested, but having twin baby girls hasn’t made progress beyond interest possible yet. Seeing this article might put them over the top. We’ll see!

In Summary

  1. You’re going to get busy after your wedding and making an album won’t be high on the list.

  2. Digital files are only good for backups. Printed and physical items mean something, and can tell a story far better.

  3. Take full advantage of your photographer who has curated albums before that have become heirlooms.

What do you think? Tell me your album stories/memories in the comment section below!

Albums from friends and family

Bridget and Scott // 6.30.2000

“Scott and I have looked at the album many times. I used to pour over it a lot in the first few years after we were married. Then it has a place on the shelf next to a few albums of our vacations and of the kids. About once or twice a year we get the books down and look at old photos. Sometimes we even watch the wedding video. 10 years and counting!”

Ellen and Ron // 9.14.1979

Bree and Aaron // 5.25.2019

“We love the album! You did such a great job. It’s still at my house in Colorado, but we poured over it when we first got it and can’t wait to do so in the future”

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